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McNally Jackson – New York City, NY

McNally Jackson was so NOT on my to-do list in New York, but I stumbled down a street after my mother as she scoped out some strange street vender’s art, and happened upon it under the guidance of the universe, I so humbly believe. Tucked deep into the best part of Soho, this bookstore didn’t leave a lot to the imagination. It was sort of everything I wanted in one book loving place.

Upstairs, of course, there was a greeting table with today’s biggest fiction bestsellers, I navigated away from it quite fast. You can only see the same bullshit novels by the same sell out authors so many times before you lose your fucking marbles.

Also on the first level, a gentle little coffee shop, bustling over with twenty or thirty people browsing a magazine section while waiting for their coffee fix.


Perhaps my favorite feature on the top floor: the graphic novel section. You’re never gonna find a section like this in another independent bookstore that doesn’t just specialize in graphic novels and comics. I swear, this was the perfect selection for any graphic novel nerd. I hovered around here for sometime trying to figure out who I was gonna be today. It was decided I didn’t want a graphic novel–perhaps only because carrying it all the way home to LA seemed far too menacing.

As you enter the lower level, there are bestsellers displayed on the wall–now that’s the only way you can intrigue me with a bestseller section. The ONLY way. Because otherwise it’s like passing by a revolving display at the airport with the usual cast of ho-hum writers.

Downstairs one can find a hearty selection of journals and a number of great Young Adult, crime fiction, and self-help titles. I had to drag my mother away from the latter.

Definitely stop in here when you can, folks!

As a side note, in my current read, Girls in the Moon, McNally Jackson makes a guest cameo! Me oh my, famous.


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