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Book Crate Unboxing – Novel Tea Club (January 2017)

This was not my favorite month with Novel Tea Club. While I found the unexpected signed book plate to be an extremely pleasant surprise, I just thought, as far as their crates have been curated thus far, this one was subpar.

Their themes are usually crisp and focused, color-coordinated and cute. Everything comes fitting together. And the book is always one I couldn’t WAIT to get my hands on. This month… I didn’t have as good of an experience.

We got:

  • Bibliophile Pencils

Which kind of remind me of the pencils they give you at the dentist office.

  • “Bee My Honey” Postcard

Super random, if you ask me.

  • Tea Difuser Ball
  • Winter Wonderland Herbal Tea

My biggest issue here is that it’s a soft cover… I haven’t seen a soft cover in a book crate since this new book crate I subscribed to a couple months ago… which was eventually discontinued. So, kind of an interesting choice.

I will say this, however, it doesn’t look like there’s a hardcover edition of this book, and it just came out. I checked GoodReads, and the reviews are great, so you never know, this might end up being my favorite title ever selected.

Plus, when a book comes with a signed bookplate and a signed bookmark, how much can you really complain?


Seventeen-year-old refugee Lux plots her escape from the island where her family is stranded, denying that her home was lost in the Floods. Lux is determined to get her old life back by any means possible. But before her feet even leave the sand, she’s taken hostage by a vengeance-driven pirate nearly as young as she is.

Her capture is the key to his freedom…

Captain Draven’s scarf veils more than his face. Underneath, he struggles between morality and survival. When Lux sees deeper into his motivations, she’s torn. She can commit mutiny to escape to a home that may no longer exist, or she can try to help Draven escape the clutches of the person responsible for the deaths of half the world. Staying would mean entrusting her life to a pirate. Helping Draven would mean losing her heart to one.


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