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Half Price Books – Phoenix, AZ

This store is awesome. Though, I’m not entirely clear on whether or not they’re selling used books in REALLY good shape, used books and new books, or somehow figured out how to cheat the system, because when I say their books are half the price of the books at Barnes & Noble, I’m not kidding. They’re literally half-priced. I got three hardcovers for, like, thirty bucks with tax.

It’s sort of nestled on the outskirts of Phoenix, in the nicer part of town that isn’t so dumpy.

Y’all, I need to jump in here and talk about how fricken ugly Phoenix is. I’d been there before when I was young, and it must have slipped my mind the pure hideousness of it. I just can’t seem to understand how people go to Phoenix and then decide, yep, this is the place for me. Like, my friend, whom I went to visit, and I were walking around one night and there wasn’t a person around. It was completely dead. Like, total zombieland.

But anyway, I loved the area where this bookstore was. It was super clean, and right across the street from a Whole Foods, which is always a good sign.

Unsure about where to stay in a dodgy city? Look for the nearest Whole Foods and choose a hotel in close proximity.


As well as having numerous titles in all genres, including the less popular ones, like computer sciences and conspiracy theories, they have a screaming collection of music AND rare books and first editions.


Just look at all those bindings. Can’t you smell the age of these beauties? Can’t you hear them cracking open as you take a look inside?



I’m completely at peace.


The store was super spacious, not a lot of people, and they have an entire back register where you can drop off your old books. I guess I forgot about that, which confirms my suspicions that this is a used book store. But the quality of books I got was amazing. I think they get some new titles in, they had a bunch of new YA that came out last month alone.

Anywho, great store. Stop in if you’re ever in Phoenix!


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