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Book Review – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (The Illustrated Version)

J.K. Rowling will forever be my favorite storyteller. 

I’ve read Harry Potter several times, and each time, more so than the last, I feel this need to shatter someone’s world like she repeatedly has mine.

I believe her to be the best children’s author of all time. Not because her writing is exceptionally beautiful (even though, at moments, it certainly can be–I firmly believe she likes to make an example of her humility and save those well-endowed moments for special occasions, like Dumbledore’s occasional thought streams), or orchestrated better than that of other like novels, but because she’s built a world that has transcended print. She’s created characters you think about far beyond a book’s final pages. She’s taught us about good and evil and the value of friendship. And she’s delved beneath the surface to weave depth and emotion and great wisdom and intelligence into her words.

As I said when I reviewed the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, there’s simply no reason to attempt to review a book that is so popular, it’s foregone the need for an introduction. It’s forgone recommendation. It just is. It’s a book written by an author whom I will forever imagine was put on this earth just to create Harry Potter.

So, instead, I’ve attached a series of photos from the inside pages. 


The illustrations are ever so beautiful. I’ve had a discussion with a friend who’s suggested that perhaps the illustrations take away the reader’s freedom to create the world for herself. You can be the judge of that. In my humble opinion, the illustrations add an extra stroke of magic to an otherwise impossibly magical book. 

Bravo Jim Kay (the illustrator). How you took on a project of this caliber is beyond me. I must admire your bravery. I’m sure it was not without its doubts.


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