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Book Crate Unboxing – LitJoy (November 2016)

You know what I love about these young adult crates? They come with titles I kind of want but would never buy for myself. Ya know? That one book you’ve seen all over everyone’s Instagrams but STILL can’t get yourself to buy once you’ve picked it up in Barnes & Noble because, let’s just face it, the substance doesn’t interest you beyond the fact that everyone else is reading it. You feel the literal weight of all that foreign material in your hands and chuck it back on the shelf, reaching for some mindless romance instead.

Well, I give you this month’s LitJoy, which brought to me a book I sort of wanted, and now that I have it, I am glad and feel at peace.


First, I’d like to point out how neat and tidy this presentation is every darn time their crate comes in the mail. I get so many boxes that show up on my front step lookin straight like they been through hell and back and this one always shows up like it just had a day at the fucking spa. Well done. That’s a system I’m sure it took them a while to perfect.

Also, the girls that run LitJoy are my ABSOLUTE faves. They are so spirited and smiley and happy, and they live in Utah, which is close to my home state of Montana. So I feel connected to them without books playing their roll. Follow them on Instagram guys, support amazing women (their magical crate sold out in like 2.5 seconds, bow down to these queens.)


Moving on.

Here’s how LitJoy works:

LitJoy Crate is a simple, creative, and easy way to read more and more often!

EXTRAS. Including exclusive products along with our books. These little extras coordinate with the book for a magical reading experience!

READING TIPS. Each Children’s box includes reading tips to engage children and promote literacy. In YA boxes we include social media prompts to get the discussions going!

COMMUNITY. LitJoy, when it comes down to it, is all about nerds embracing the nerdiness! We want to connect with you. Let’s nerd out over vampire boyfriends together using #LitJoyCrate and tagging @LitJoyCrate!

BOOK FOR BOOK. At LitJoy we are lucky enough to have thousands of books at our finger tips. As part of our mission to spread the joy of reading we donate Book For Book to local charities.

In this month’s crate we got:

  • Flutter Notes page markers

So CUTE. And I am a compulsive page marker when I’m reading because I love pretty lines and I will literally make a note of every single one, even if I’m not going to mention it in my review.

Also, they match the book!! THEME SO HARD MOTHAFUCKAS WANNA FINE ME.

Ironically titled “I Need My Space”. Lololololol. I don’t really like the smell, and while it’s absolutely beautiful during the first burn, after that it turns this ugly grayish-red color, which is not so beautiful. The sparklers just go… bye-bye.

Favorite item. By. Far. I love the bottom of the socks, the pattern, the material, so on and so forth. Omg omg omg. Yes. Yes. Yes.


The book.

The one I had no interest buying for myself, I just needed a lil nudge and walla, here it comes in my LitJoy Crate. How pretty is the whole aesthetic, by the way??

The note from the author to LitJoy Crate subscribers as well as a 30% off coupon to Storiarts.


Red Queen meets The Hunger Games in this epic novel about what happens when the galaxy’s most deadly weapon masquerades as a senator’s daughter and a hostage of the galactic court.

A Diabolic is ruthless. A Diabolic is powerful. A Diabolic has a single task: Kill in order to protect the person you’ve been created for.

Nemesis is a Diabolic, a humanoid teenager created to protect a galactic senator’s daughter, Sidonia. The two have grown up side by side, but are in no way sisters. Nemesis is expected to give her life for Sidonia, and she would do so gladly. She would also take as many lives as necessary to keep Sidonia safe.

When the power-mad Emperor learns Sidonia’s father is participating in a rebellion, he summons Sidonia to the Galactic court. She is to serve as a hostage. Now, there is only one way for Nemesis to protect Sidonia. She must become her. Nemesis travels to the court disguised as Sidonia—a killing machine masquerading in a world of corrupt politicians and two-faced senators’ children. It’s a nest of vipers with threats on every side, but Nemesis must keep her true abilities a secret or risk everything.

As the Empire begins to fracture and rebellion looms closer, Nemesis learns there is something more to her than just deadly force. She finds a humanity truer than what she encounters from most humans. Amidst all the danger, action, and intrigue, her humanity just might be the thing that saves her life—and the empire.








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