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Book Review – Carry This Book

This is the first picture book I’ve reviewed, so I’m not really sure what criteria I should be mentioning, looking for, etc. Decided to just stick with what I did and didn’t like. 

This is the type of book you put on your coffee table to keep your guests busy while you do such and such, whatever. It’s definitely not for children. They would probably enjoy the graphics, but everything else will go straight over their heads. 

Carry This Book has a great concept. The author, Abbi Jacobson, is essentially poking fun at and analyzing celebrities, famous characters, and people of history by imagining what they would carry around with them in their bags. 

I know, pause for reaction. It’s a great fucking idea. 

I actually didn’t know anything about the book before picking it up and going through it a couple days ago, and after finding out what it was actually about, I was really excited. 

I laughed a couple times, not as many times as I’m sure she would’ve liked, but I enjoyed the book no less. 

I will say the biggest downside to this book is that it’s likely there are going to be ten pages you don’t really understand because you may have heard about this person, but you don’t know enough about them to understand why she put the items she did in their fake bag. Even she mentions in her introduction that there are some things she’d drawn up that she doubted people would understand unless they’d done massive research. 

My favorite pages were:

  • Leslie Knope (#Ann)
  • Martha Stewart
  • Kanye West

Kanye’s in particular seemed wildly realistic. I could totally see him going everywhere with a USB in his pocket with all his most important documents so should he die and the USB is on his person, the world won’t have to ever be without his many precious gifts.


The illustrations were beautiful. She shows the things she used to create the book in the back, and it’s cool because you can see the overlapping marker when she fills things in, and you can see places where she almost fucked up and had to change a letter, and overall, I thought it was a really fun and unique way to express herself.

As a book, it will definitely keep your guests busy.


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