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Book Review – Paper Girls

This was my very first comic book ever. I can’t even say for sure if I read it properly. It was an extremely odd experience having to decipher emotions from facial expressions rather than being told through a stream of consciousness what exactly the human at odds was feeling. 

So I did my very best, and I’m not sure whether I can call myself a fan or not. 

Paper Girls follows four girls on their early morning paper route as they take on the end of the world as they think they know it.

To be quite plain, there were a lot of metaphors that I just didn’t want to spend the time trying to solve for myself, so I don’t feel like I really loved this read. The action sort of lost me near the end, and so many things happened so abruptly, I felt like the book was missing pages. 

A lot of the humor went right over my head, a lot of the dialogue felt disjointed, and there were a few pretty cliche moments *cough cough* the football field scene. 

The graphics were beautiful. And, as I’m gathering, that is the most important part, so I have to give Paper Girls at least three stars, because, before all else, the pages were gorgeous and dazzling. A lot of the action takes place in the early hours of the morning, and the artist got that blueish, purplish color just right. Staring at it was satisfying, so a beautiful job there. 


Also, I loved the time period–the eighties. As you’ve read in my reviews before, I’m the first person to praise authors if they handle a time period other than the current one well, and the people responsible for this comic book did. It’s little moments that serve history best–a CB Radio for instance, really nice touch. 

As for the plot/storyline, the ending totally threw me, I didn’t feel like the story really came together at any point, and I was waiting for them to make their deep-seeded, political/technological metaphors a bit more obvious so I’d have that “ah” moment. 

No such “ah” moment for me.



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