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October 23rd I got…

Something I should’ve gotten a looooooong time ago.


*flails about*


They really are, just, so beautiful it hurts to look at them almost.

So I was in Nashville for my friend’s wedding, just roaming around after brunch reminiscing (I used to live there), and after doing the drive I used to do when I was depressed (Nashville wasn’t so good for me), I visited the Barnes & Noble I never went into when I lived within walking distance (it’s the Vanderbilt Barnes & Noble and I have a decided distaste for Vanderbilt college kids [though really, it was just the few that lived in my building, I’ll give the rest of them a chance to change my mind I guess…]), determined to get the illustrated versions of Harry Potter.

And I did it, despite my concern over whether or not they were going to make my bag too heavy. (Those suckers are like bricks.)

I’m honestly so in love with the imagery. The artist did any amazing job bringing Harry Potter too life.

Cannot wait to read these, I’ll review them around Christmas.




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