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Parnassus Books – Nashville, TN

I was in Nashville over the weekend for a good friend of mine’s wedding, and after running around the Greenhills Mall looking for an acceptable wedding present because I’m so un-adult, I had no idea what the hell to get her, I scrambled to get to this bookstore before meeting a different friend for coffee.

I didn’t have as much time in here as I would’ve liked, but was totally psyched with my purchases, one of them being a SIGNED copy of Matthew Quick’s Every Exquisite Thing. You guys saw my review on The Silver Linings Playbook, I’m totally obsessed with Matthew Quick and the lady at the cash register told me this new book of his is a mature young adult novel, which really gets my gears going. Because mature. Young adult. Matthew Quick. Are you salivating heavily yet?


Cute store. Great lighting, that was perhaps the most notable thing, and of course, the amazing selection of cards. There were ladders and step stools everywhere, and a desk in the back for events.

Not a large young adult fiction selection, but a pretty sizable selection of graphic novels, which was surprising. I picked up Everything Was Teeth because I’ve found a new long for books with graphics.

The people working were crazy friendly, I probably chatted up the girl ringing up my purchases for ten minutes. Oh! Did I forget to mention the ironic journals that came home to my hotel with me? Because they’re amazing. Check my growing library for more.


This place is a definite must when you’re in Nashvegas. The Unadulterated Thinkings approves.


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