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Ubik – Como, Italy

God, it’s such a bummer to go into a bookstore and all the books have these exciting international covers because they’ve all been translated into different languages and you’re just bummed because you can’t buy any of them–well you could, but that would be pointless–so you have to settle for bookmarks instead.

It’s just… a bummer and a half.

But, after a long day exploring Lake Como, which I stupidly thought I could see all of in one day and didn’t plan accordingly for the chance that I would not be able to see it all in one day, I just decided to walk around Como for awhile and stumbled upon this little slice of heaven.

This bookstore was the perfect mix of old and new. It had these old archways leading into the spaces on each level (there are three) from this beautiful stone staircase.

I think each level held a different age group as the very top floor was home to middle grade and picture books, the floor beneath, YA, and beneath that, regular fiction and the rest of the bestseller, memoir, non-fiction crap.

If you happen to visit Ubik, which I recommend for people of all tongues, definitely set aside time to stroll the cobblestone streets of Como down to the water. And maybe do it at sunset–it really is enchanting.


And, also, Ubik has an amazing selection of bookish goods, including the wide array of themed Molskines. *heart eyes* So don’t be a stranger.





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