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October 10th I got…

To the airport way too early for my flight to Paris, and spent some time in Book Soup in the International terminal at LAX.

I’ve been meaning to get this book for the longest time. I always thought I wouldn’t like it, but then I picked it up and read the back of it and was sort of like… waaaaaaa? How come I didn’t buy this sooner.

Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher


Two weeks before the events of this book, young Hannah Baker killed herself, but she left behind a sort of audio will that explained her reasons for taking her life. Each of those thirteen reasons involves cruel acts, misunderstandings, or guilty acts of omission that involve other students. Almost from the moment of its 2007 publication, Jay Asher’s debut novel Thirteen Reasons Why has evoked widespread praise for its moving portrayal of the impact we have on one another’s life. 

I also purchased a holographic bookmark, and it shows the shuttle landing on the moon when you wave it around like a fan. LOOOOVE.

And that’s all. I’m currently updating my blog from a hotel room in Zermatt, Switzerland, where hours earlier I illegally drove the rental car through their streets much to the dismay of the locals.




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