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Elliot Bay Books – Seattle, WA

If A Book for All Seasons hadn’t already stolen my heart in Leavenworth, this one surely would have.

It’s. HUGE.


I love big bookstores. I feel so much pressure to move through tiny bookstores cause I feel like I’m taking up space, but in big bookstores, I can literally stand around for hours doing god knows what until my feet hurt, which I did, because my mom was sick in bed and not staring at me wondering when we were gonna leave while I made the difficult decision of selecting my four books.

I’m weird.

I never allow myself to buy more than four books at any one bookstore. I just feel guilty for spending that much money. So I don’t. I limit myself. Which is maybe good. At least I have some semblance of self control!


So anyway, Elliot Bay Books is located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, which is the really cool, sort of hip/hipster part of town with all the dope restaurants and funky vintage stores AND Starbucks Reserve, which is just a walk away from the bookstore.

You will never regret going into Starbuck Reserve, I am telling you.

I stopped in awkwardly, not knowing wtf it was, and lo and behold, I discovered the best place on earth.

I recommend you pick yourself up a coffee-themed sweatshirt, cappuccino, and pretzel bagel and cream cheese after leaving Elliot Bay Books with your four books and bookish accessories in tow.

That, my friends, is a solid fall day.



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