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A Book for All Seasons – Leavenworth, WA

Y’all, I’m a freak about fall.

Fall this.

Fall that.

Fall everything.

I love fall.

And I live in the perpetual summertime of LA, so I decided to take a random trip to Seattle for the weekend, and upon arriving, scoured this list I found on the internet for recommended fall activities, and wouldn’t you know? I was an hour away from the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, which were about to celebrate their FIRST. DAY. OF. OKTOBERFEST.




I don’t know how I manage to time things right without trying at all, but sometimes I do, and it’s downright impressive.

So I rented a car, drove out to Leavenworth, and had THE perfect fall day, equipped with ornaments, books, olive oils and balsamics, pins, T-shirts, socks, and the like.

It was magical.

And the bookstore?

It was the best bookstore I’d ever been to.

On the tope floor of an old inn, A Book for All Seasons sits, filled to the rim with fall colors, bookish accessories, Bavarian bookmarks, and all the books you could possibly need.

There’s also a cafe attached to it that sells fudge. So, that’s something. Who doesn’t want fudge.

Exiting the bookstore, you go out on the second story balcony, which looks over the colorful streets of Leavenworth, which were jam-packed with tourists, and the tiny valley that rises abruptly into Alp-reminiscent mountains.

It truly felt like I had driven into a different country.

Recommended restaurant: The Watershed. They have market fresh food and forage all their supplies, which means their menu changes weekly.

The food was amazing.

The whole place was literally the greatest thing to happen to me since the womb.



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