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Lido Village Books – Newport Beach, California

Lido Village Books seriously reminded me of like a little bookstore in London somewhere. It was seriously tucked away and, like, hidden from view. I got so frustrated wandering around Lido Village looking for it, until finally I went into a store and was like, “WHERE TUH FUCK LIDO VILLAGE BOOKS AT?”

But not after buying a T-shirt first. I bought a T-shirt before assaulting the retail girl with my frustrations.

So obviously, I eventually found it. It had honest to god no sign, nothing, it was really like looking for the rat version of Peter Pettigrew on the fuckin’ Marauder’s map.

Christ almighty.

So anyway, totally adorable bookstore. It also reminded me of something you might find in the Hamptons. It was cute and sailer-like with the architecture.


And part of me is totally stoked it was hidden away, because I was the only person inside cause no one else could find it or had the pure stamina I did.

I picked up three books here, including Drift: Stories, which is set in Newport Beach.

I absolutely love picking up local titles. It gives a sense of personality to the store and to the book.


When you finish wandering around and chatting up the bored AF cashier because NOBODY EVER COMES IN BECAUSE NOBODY CAN EVER FIND IT, be sure to grab lunch on the canal and pick up a graphic T from Planet Blue.


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