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Kinokuniya – Costa Mesa, CA

I had no idea this was a Japanese bookstore until I walked in, which is kind of hilarious as the name probably should’ve given it away.


Over the weekend I was at a writer’s conference in Irvine, and had about thirty minutes to spare on Saturday, so I went bookstore searching, and stumbled upon this delightful hidden treasure.

No seriously, it was hidden, in a huge Japanese market, complete with knockoff bags and all.


It was seriously cool, despite the fact that I couldn’t understand/read the titles, and I actually found a couple things to take home, including a sushi bookmark (I know, I’m so unoriginal), and about the coolest book ever by Mr. Haruki Murakami about a haunted library, which is perfect for Halloween. I’m getting all my titles ready for the month and can hardly wait.


I definitely recommend stopping in here, if not for the Japanese literature, then definitely for the wide array of bookish goods. You can drop you mom off in the knockoff purse shop as I did and cruise through the market afterwords.

And if you’re a comic book lover… this place is DEFINITELY for you.


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