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Book Crate Unboxing – Book of the Month Club (September 2016) WITH PROMO CODE

“Reading is a way in. Or perhaps, a way out.” – Moi


So, I came home from the airport to this beautiful box yesterday, ripped it open, was blisteringly happy. Ebullient, if you will.

Book of the Month Club is one of my favorite crates. There are five judges that work together to find the best new reads to share with their subscribers. They’re unlike other crates in that they give you the option to choose which book you will receive and have five different genres guaranteeing you’ll like the book you get. Other crates are a gamble, this one is not.

On the 1st of the month new picks are announced, and you have to choose by the 6th, or they will send you a title handpicked for you based on your interests.

You also have the option of adding other selections to your order if you just can’t pick, for only $9.99, which is more than the average paperback novel.

It also comes with a card from the judge that picked your book, a bookmark, and some way, shape, or form to connect with the Book of the Month Club on social media, and/or, a fun way to win free months!


My card said:

Here are some things I loved about Amy Schumer’s book:

  • It’s deep & shallow, all at once!
  • funny, funny, funny!
  • some good sex talk
  • I learned things
  • lots of Bravo metaphors
  • made me like her even more


The bookmark said:


What does reading mean to you? Let us know! Fill in the other side of this bookmark, post your photo and tag us @bookofthemonthclub on Instagram for a chance to win 3 months.


See, a bookmark, explanation for the judge’s selection that month, a way to win free months of membership… we’re all winning here!

I definitely recommend this crate to any book lovers. The last book I received–All the Ugly and Wonderful Things–is my new favorite book, so be sure to sign up now using my referral code: and get 50% off your first three months with my promo code: FRIEND50 (you have to use my referral code in order for it to work)


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