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Bay Books – Coronado, CA

My BFF and I escaped the perpetual summertime in LA for the day and trekked up to Coronado for some much needed girl time. We roamed the cute streets feeling distinctly like we were in a different country, it sort of has that feeling out there, ate Mexican food, shopped some boutiques, and stopped in at Bay Books.

The weather was perfect, the beach warm and breezy, but not too breezy. And the bookstore really knocked me out. Seriously. I loved this bookstore. Mainly, the ginormous wall of recommendations. Fricken love when stores do that, and it kind of looked like they weren’t just recommendations, but reviews also from the bookstore workers.

Because the store was darker and because it’s fall, I gravitated towards dark titles, picking up my first horror, a fantasy, and my regular contemporary thriller.

I need to mention the horror: House of Leaves, I strongly suggest getting yourself a copy. I haven’t read yet, but I’ve heard nothing but great reviews from people who have.

When you get your books, be sure to head on over to Centennial Park to snap some cute pictures with the San Diego skyline!


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