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September 9th I got…


The Girls – Emma Cline

FINALLY!!! I’ve been needing to get this book since the moment it came out. For some reason I always passed by it in bookstores and never picked it up. IDK. I’m fuckin’ weird.

See, whenever I travel to Montana through Salt Lake City, my gate is always down by this bookstore, and every time I go into that bookstore, I leave with a book. Every time. And then I try to stuff it in my bag–it never fits–and I just contemplate my decisions like well, shit. Now I have to carry this thing around tucked under my arm. Great.

Never Always Sometimes – Adi Alsaid

I also own Let’s Get Lost by this author and haven’t read it yet, but of course it’s somewhere on my TBR list which is slowly but surely swallowing me alive. I bought it in terminal five at LAX. Dudes, it’s not even a bookstore, I bought it from one of those little gas station things without gas, ya know? Which means my book addiction has gotten completely out of control. Next thing you know I’ll be stealing books from the lending library up my street.


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