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Golden Braid Books – Salt Lake City, Utah

It’s entirely possible this is my favorite bookstore I’ve ever been into. It might even top Vroman’s in Pasadena. It’s just so cute. 

Attached to a little cafe called Oasis, in the best part of Salt Lake City, Golden Braid Books is kind of like heaven on the earth. 

It doesn’t have a large fiction section, but it does have a good selection. 

There were an abundance of fountains and all the spiritual, yogi-styled goods you need. Candles, essential oils, entire corners filled with books focused on psychology. 

It just had that good time feeling, where you could imagine never leaving and having a perfectly good life. I bought a bath bomb, three books, bath salts, and a candle. It was the absolute best place to stop off and visit during my road trip back to LA. Of course my BFF was forced to follow me around the store, but she eventually busied herself with finding us a sushi restaurant nearby to meet our friends at. 

Five stars. Gah. Still reeling. Will be back for sure. 


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