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Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

So my BFF and I decided to go to her condo in Coeur d’Alene for the week.

It seemed like a sound enough plan.

Until it wasn’t.

We get on the road, and not ten minutes go by before I realize I left my cellphone at home. So we backtrack. Then I proceed to eat a burrito in her car and dump salsa all over the damn place. Have to pull off the highway so I can clean it off.

We get to the lake, buy groceries, and discover that her condo is–wait for it–without electricity. So we have to run up to her neighbors and leave our recently purchased groceries in their fridge so our chicken, eggs, and bacon don’t go bad.

We get back down and realize we locked ourselves out. So we go around the front, and I get tennis elbow trying to get her up onto the roof so she can break into her own condo from the back.

Finally we are inside. But the lights are still off, and we are suspended in darkness for hours until the lights come back on. We go to bed.

The next day things run just fine, until we need our chicken from the upstairs neighbor. We call her and knock on her door for HOURS before deciding, screw it, and break in to STEAL BACK our own chicken from her fridge.

We go fishing a couple days later, and I catch my first fish in like fifteen years. And the stupid fish SWALLOWED the hook, which mean that I had to watch my friend bash it’s head on the back of the boat so we wouldn’t have to rip the hook out and make the poor fish suffer.

Felt bad about that for a century.

And then today, as we are leaving, there is a car wreck that we ended up sitting behind for HOURS. And once we get past it, we are stuck in the worst fricken storm you’ve ever seen.

But it was still fun and I got two books read.

And I love my BFF.



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