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Book Review – Dreamology

So this book was a gift that just kept on giving. 

I don’t really know why I bought this book. I think because all the cuties on Instagram with their bookstagram-perfect posts always made it seem like a little gem you can’t leave this world without reading. So as I was roaming the aisles at Barnes & Noble and saw it there I was like… well I’m not a true reader if I don’t pick this thing up. 

I bought it, stuffed it into the white section of my bookcase, and called it a day. 

But then I was like on a young adult reading spree and thought, eh, why not give it a chance. 

The first few pages, I was majorly unimpressed. Here’s the thing, this book is VERY young adult. Very very very young adult. It is for sixteen-year-olds. It’s not for twenty-one-year-old literary fiction writers lol, so I had a pretty hard time getting into it. Especially after putting down E. Lockhart’s AMAZING literary, young adult novel, We Were Liars

I’ll tell you why I kept reading. Even past the first nonsensical line.

The story. 

Dreamology follows Alice as she moves to a foreign town and runs into the boy of her dreams. Literally. She dreams about Max every night, and as the two try to navigate the oddity of their circumstances, they find their sanity becomes jeopardized when the world begins morphing into a cross between their dreams and their realities. 

It’s such a great story. I think this is one of the best young adult stories I’ve ever read. 

It’s just so fucking fun. It is. I had such a great time reading this book. 

It has those laughable moments. The endearing moments. The quirky moments. All the makings for a great young adult novel with a really interesting twist. 

As unbelievable as the storyline was, it was also equally believable. Like it made sense to me why all this weirdness was happening, and I thought, above all else, it was just too cute to put into words. 

This is also the first story in a long time where I felt like REALLY REALLY close to the characters. Like I felt like I was in a relationship with Max, and best friends with Lucy and Alice. I felt like Oliver had a crush on me. And I felt like my dad was filled with useless factoids just as Alice’s was. 

It was also surprisingly mature at times.

“But the only thing worse than kissing another girl’s boyfriend is turning that girl into something to be scared of. Victimizing yourself is not cool.”

I LOVE this line. It’s such an important thing for people to understand, especially in high school. Because high school is full of those merciless moments where you turn yourself into a victim just to get through whatever horrible time you’re having. And being a victim doesn’t really work well for anybody. You don’t feel any less targeted, the predator doesn’t feel any less willing to rip you to shreds, and everyone around you is sort of careful not to pick sides because both sides are equally as hopeless. 

I fell in love with Max.

First character in a long time I’ve fallen in love with. 

The thing that worked for this book is that while the two characters were already in love in a different realm of being–the dream world–they had yet to fall in love in reality. So it’s kind of an interesting twist on a regular love story and it makes the book unique and it gives you a really calm feeling inside knowing that the two have done it before and you don’t need to sweat that they won’t do it again. 

It also made you closer to them and to their relationship because you know the two are so in love, they’ve been in love their whole life, and it’s an epic sort of love. A despite all odds sort of love. A really cute sort of love. 

And the last thing I must mention: the vibe. 

THIS BOOK HAD THE VIBES. You guys know how I feel about vibes. This book had such a great energy, I felt it every time I picked it up, and it made me never want to put it down. By the second half of the book I was so immersed in the energy I read all the way through to the end. And THEN I was expected to sleep?????


i just sat there basking in it for awhile until I accidentally passed out. 

But anyway, I realize this is a short review, but I have to go catch a flight. 

Much love. 



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