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Book Review – The Bone Clocks

PSA: I didn’t finish this book. I made it through 66 pages of the first part, “The Hot Spell,” before I had to stop reading. I found that it was just all over the place, the language was hard to follow, and the main character was far too advanced for her age, though I assume that’s because later in the book we find out she’s actually some prodigious alien or whatever. In any case, it was a little hard to read, it didn’t feel real, and I found her character too foreign. Sort of sounded like a man speaking as a young girl, trying too hard to make her mini existential crisis with her boyfriend seem real. It was very cliché and I didn’t get along well with the pacing. It was confusing and it definitely dragged a bit.

I’ve read a number of reviews from others who have read this book, most agreeing that the main issue was that the book was all over the fucking map. You can’t follow anything and you’re not even getting to the plot until like page fifty, which means that all of the material before then is a waste of your time to read through, especially considering how many times you’re required to reread the same paragraph because you don’t have like the comprehension level to tackle these incredibly advanced paragraphs that are riddled with too many words.

I’m not going to do a high depth analysis, so here is a review to read. 

The Bone Clocks



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